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In our “busy being busy” world,

sitting still can feel like an act of defiance.

Going inward, editing the noise, using my hands. I seek to make beauty

out of the every day  - the discarded, the overlooked, the mundane.
Raised by a mystical grandmother who taught me how to look,

to touch, to feel - I had an early interest with color and craft -

with objects found in the trash and on the streets.

Paper is my super power - stationary, gift wrap, tissue paper,

toilet paper, paper towels - banal in many ways. These ‘poor man’

materials defy convention, inspiring me to further explore their

possibilities. I remain in service to the materials /
to secrets they wish to reveal. Paper becomes.

I paint with paper to create bold and textured fields, shapes and color. 
My studio practice is quiet: touch, tug, tear, repeat / touch, tug, tear, repeat. Hands in motion, my fingers are my favorite tool.